Trio linker plus 2 Playstation Gamecube Dreamcast Controller Adapter on PC PS3


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Main Features
1. Supports PS2™, GC™ and DC™ controllers on PC simultaneously.

2. Compatible with official PS2™, GC™, DC™ controllers and a majority of compatible controllers.
3. Supports Joy2key, Key Mapping and force feedback function. *
4. Supports Plug and Play.


Also supports PS2™, GC™ and DC™ controllers on PS3




note : i. PS3™ games are supported, but PS3™ firmware must be updated.

         ii. Some PS3

™ games would only recognize Sony official PS3

™ controllers.

              Any other non-official controllers or adaptors would not work on those games.

        iii. GC

™ / DC

™ joypads have less buttons then PS

2™ joypads, thus

             some buttons of 


™ joypads are not supported.


   * function 3 is only workable with driver installed.

 #0603 Trio Linker Plus II Supports :

DC TM Official Arcade Stick.                                             

- PS


 steering wheel              

DC TM Official Virtual On Stick – Twin Stick TM.                   

- GC





 Official Steeling Wheel.                                          

Note : 

PSX™ / GC™ / DC™


 dance mat is not supported.



Installation procedure:

1. Double click the setup file (.exe) in the floppy disk to install the driver. If you don’t have a floppy drive or if you have lost the floppy disk, please download it from.

2. Connect your PS2™ / GC™ / DC™ controllers to the adaptor, and then connect the adaptor to PC (USB port).

3. Go to "Control panel" --> "Game options", you could find one to three joypads inside, depends on how many joypads are connected to the adaptor. 

4. Right click the joypads shown in the game options and select "property", the driver interface would pop up. In which, you could configure the key mapping / joy2key / force feedback function.

1. It also works without the official driver, but you would then not able to use the key mapping /joy2key /force feedback function provided by the official driver.

2. If the PC could not detect the joypads or if it could only recognize an unknown device, please reconnect the adaptor or try another USB port. If it still doesn’t work, please shut down the computer and then open it and try again. (not reboot, but turn OFF and turn ON)

3. Every time after you have connected a joypad to the adaptor, you should reconnect the adaptor to PC, such that the PC could detect the new plugged joypad. 

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