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MaxPC mouserapidfire manual

MaxPc mouserapidfire

Usage manual


MaxPc- mouserapidfire is the gear you will need to fulfill your wants, it’s a plug and play device, simply plug your mouse into the device and enjoy the game! Extremely high speed rapid fire, fast fluid high performance enabled on your mouse. This device is compatible with 95% wired/wireless mouse and keyboard, don’t waste your money anymore on expensive gaming mouse, MaxPc mouserapidfire can offer you the same amount of capability of a gaming mouse, but at a much more reasonable cost. Order now to enhance your FPS firing level.


B. Name of Parts


<1> Connect to the PC USB port.

<2> Rapid fire switch- adjusts the rapid fire speed

+  Increase the rapid fire speed rate.

  • Decrease the rapid fire speed rate.

<3> When the Rapid-fire/Turbo indicator lights up, the red light indicates the rapid fire status, when the red light doesn’t light up, the rapid fire/turbo function is turned off.

<4> USB port- Same as the PC USB port, you are able to plug in any PC USB devices.


  1. How to connect and operate the MaxPC mouserapidfire device to PC, shown below,


As shown in the picture, connect the mouserapidfire device to the PC (the following example is based on Win XP 32 bit)

Download the firmware and open the Rapid Fire.exe file (Anti-virus software may pop up with a message, please ignore it or turn it off before install)

After installing the Rapid Fire.exe file, the keyboard interface appears.

  1. If you want to use the Rapid fire firmware, you must connect the MaxPc gear device (mouse@rapidfire) to the PC, the firmware will automatically check if the device is connected to the PC or not, if the firmware detects the MaxPc gear device (mouserapidfire) , the Device program indicator will change to GREEN, otherwise it will stay RED.
  2. Setting the rapid fire/Turbo function onto the keyboard.

a. Left click on the keys you want to set the rapid fire/Turbo function, for instance, if you want to set the rapid fire/turbo function to the “SPACE” and “A” key, click on those 2 keys, an orange color box will highlight the keys. (Anti-virus software may pop up with a message, please ignore it or turn it off before install)

b.. Click the “START” key, the “START” key changes to “STOP”, now the Rapidfire/Turbo indicator changes from Red to Green, on the mouserapidfire gear device, the Turbo status indicator changes to Red, the “A” and “Space” key on the keyboard both has the rapidfire/turbo function activated.

  1. If you want to turn off the Rapidfire/Turbo function for just a while, click the “Caps Lock” key on the keyboard, the Turbo indictor on the interface changes to Red color, and the Turbo indicator on the device turn off, the rapidfire/turbo function is now temporary removed, if you press the “Caps Lock” key again, to resume the rapidfire/turbo function.
  2.  If you want to remove the rapid fire/turbo function from the keyboard, please click the “STOP” key from the interface and click “OK”, now the rapid fire/turbo is removed. If you have plugged in more than one mouse and keyboard, please enter the appropriate number on the column to exit the function.

5. You are able to set the rapid fire/turbo function on the Right/Left/Middle parts on the mouse; the setting method is the same as the keyboard.


6. If you want to quit the rapid fire interface, first stop the rapidfire/turbo function and click the “X” key on the upper right corner,.(a pop up message may appear if some rapid fire/turbo setting has not been turned off, just to remind you to turn off the rapid fire function before exit.)


7. MaxPC Mouserapidfire gear on Win 7 64bit:


A.  Restart PC, press and hold the F8 key to enter to the operating system.


B. Select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”

C. Right click it and enter the Properties menu

D. From the Compatibility menu, click on the“Run this program as an administrator”click on the Privilege level (Run this program as an administrator) then click OK.


8. MaxPC Mouserapidfire gear using on Win 8- 64 bit system 



A. Open the Win 8 operating system


B. Press and hold the “Shift key” and click restart


C. Click on the Troubleshoot- Advanced options- Windows Startup Settings,then click the Restart.

D. Select the“Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”

E. Right click the selected item and enter the Properties menu

F. From the Compatibility menu, click on the “Run this program as an administrator”click apply and OK.

9. For other operating system(XP64Vista32Win7 32Win8 32) 

A. Right click the firmware Rapid fire.exe and click the Properties menu.


B. From the Compatibility menu, click the “Run this program as an administrator”click apply then click OK


10. The operation of Visa 64 operating system is as same as the Win7 64 bit system; please refer to “7. MaxPC Mouserapidfire gear using on Win 7 64bit:



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